What we offer you:

Report of Findings:

Dr. Fitch will give you a simple, clear explanation of your condition.  This will be the time when questions like "what's wrong with me", "can Chiropractic help", and "how long will it take", will be answered.  I  want you to feel free to ask questions at any time during your care.  It is important to me that you understand your condition.  

Physical Exam:


Dr. Fitch will use the examination to collect specific information about your health, your physical abilities or limitations. It will consist of specific tests and procedures that pinpoint the source of your pain.  The results of the examination will determine if Chiropractic care is best for you.  If not, you will be referred to another doctor who can best help your condition.    

Patient History:

The confidental patient history is an account of your medical history.  It is a review of the details of your condition and any important information about your health.  It includes any previous problems, treatments, habits, hobbies or accident related conditions.  

"The Doctor of the future will give no medicine  but will interest his patient's in the care of the  human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of dis-ease."

Thomas A. Edison

Chiropractic Care:

In addition to adjustments, Dr. Fitch may also choose to use in-office therapy such as ultra-sound, electric muscle stimulation, percussion therapy, moist heat or cold packs to help combat inflammation, muscle spasm and pain.  

A series of office visits may be required to get the joints functioning properly, reduce the muscle spasm and inflammation, and educate your muscles to the proper movements.

Once the painful stage has passed you will be given the necessary exercises for your condition.  The purpose of the exercise program is to give the muscles strength so that they will act as a "natural brace" for the support of the joints.  The doctor will discuss this process with you.